Product Information

Polystyrene (EPS) is well-proven as being an excellent material to provide the form for architectural mouldings, having been used world-wide for many years.

Polystyrene is a lightweight and highly moisture resistant material which provides no nutritive value to mildew, plants, termites or animals.


Stock moulding profiles

All units supplied in 2.4m lengths unless otherwise stated.


Sill units / bevelled 20o bands

  • 20mm x Face 80mm
  • 20mm x Face 110mm
  • 40mm x Face 100mm
  • 40mm x Face 130mm
  • 60mm x Face 100mm

Bands - square edge

  • 20mm x 70mm
  • 20mm x 90mm
  • 20mm x 120mm
  • 30mm x 100mm
  • 40mm x 110mm
  • 40mm x 150mm

Mid bands

  • 30mm x Face 150mm (bevelled 30o) rebated on back 6mm x 70mm

Quoins / corner stones

  • 30mm thick. 300mm x 200mm wide x 300mm high (bevelled). Pre-textured with 2x paint undercoats applied.


Custom profile mouldings

Please contact us to discuss your requirements




The polystyrene provides the form but it is the coating that differentiates the product.

Adonz mouldings are manufactured by applying an alkali resistant fibreglass mesh and modified plaster coating over an 'H' grade polystyrene core.



  • Thermal compatibility with cement and acrylic based finishing systems
  • Good compressive strength
  • Flexibility - high flexural strength and crack resistance
  • Impact resistance - will not shatter
  • Resistant to frost penetration, salts and many other chemicals
  • Water resistant to external moisture but vapour permeable allowing moisture trapped on the substrate to escape
  • Lightweight - easily positioned
  • Easily cut to size
  • Prompt delivery on stock items
  • Competitive pricing
  • No minimum quantities on orders